Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Fatherland of Human Rights

El Pais notice that Paris " proclaims proudly an ideal of equality, but parks the proscribing in ghettoes, far from the view of the majority... " Both leader writers support, on Friday, November 4th, when this hurts, even if the Quay of Orsay claims to be "surprised " of these reactions.

The problem is definitely the one that raises El Pais, with other foreign newspapers. A country which saw itself as the fatherland of human rights and the shrine of a generous social model shows itself, with the eyes of all, unable to assure worthy living conditions young Frenchmen, the immigrated grandparents of which contributed in " glorious thirty ", but for skyline only with unemployment, with tribal decline, with racism.

Meanwhile, according with Le Monde, this 10th night was marked by a strong increase among burned down cars and among affected cities - with notably Paris and of numerous cities of province. 1 295 vehicles have burned this night, the heaviest balance sheet since the beginning of riots.

In the press, I also have read that Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi offers help over the riots, which I think should not be accepted.

Perhaps, having a look at the blogues bouna93 and banlieue93 and reading their comments and discussions we can have a better picture of what is going on in France.

Some street comment like this: 'Each night we will turn this place into Baghdad', said by one masked youth in Sevran near Paris, must be taken into consideration, even this could be just a isolated scream of revolt.

As a bottom line, I believe French Government will have to step carefully if it wants to prevent low-level rioting in the Paris suburbs spiralling out of control.


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