Thursday, February 16, 2006

Chess obsession

HAVERHILL, Mass.— The first thing Arthur King thinks about when he wakes up is chess.
Careful not to wake his wife, Karen, the Westford Street resident slips out of bed and spends a few hours indulging his passion. King owns more than 80 chess sets and even a few chess computers, he said.
“When I get up in the morning I let my wife sleep and I study (chess),” the 56-year-old retired Lucent worker said. “I like using my brain, I like the challenge. I like the creativity. Trying to combine the pieces to make things happen takes a lot of study.”It’s part of an obsession that began at age 10, King said, when a family friend taught him the basics of the game. Soon, he said, he was beating the friend every time they played.
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