Saturday, January 28, 2006

Mozart's Gift

Mozart’s 250th birthday celebrations in Prague

His music has taught us how to live. In "Beyond Good and Evil" Prelude to a Future Philosophy, Nietzsche rejoices that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, "the last chord of a centuries-old great European taste . . . still speaks to us" and warns that "alas, some day all this will be gone." I hope not, the hills are still alive with the sound of Mozart.

Also, listening to Mozart can also be good for your health, lift the spirit and may even make you smarter as sugested by a 1993 study in University of California where it was found that listening to a Mozart piano sonata caused a rise of the spatial IQ in college students because of the similarity between the rhythms of brain wave patterns and baroque music. This so-called "Mozart Effect" was challenged in August 1999 by a Harvard Medical School researcher who did similar testing and saw no significant IQ improvement.

IQ boost or not, what is significant is that the music of Mozart is greatly loved today and continues to inspire and create overwhelming enthusiasm for life.

Have a look at Mozart 250th aniversary official website.