Friday, September 09, 2005

France and Chicken

Subway chain of sandwiches recently used this ad (read the comments) to promote their chicken sandwich and this could suggest the Americans think about the French as "cowards" and that was the way it was interpreted by the French abroad who had a lot of discussion in several forums.
Also the costumers of 19 Subway franchises in France were asked to boycott them and send mails and letters to Subway administration and to USA and France embassies. See below an example of a comment in one of the forums:

Last week my family and I went to lunch at a local Subway here in Vancouver. We quickly lost our appetite when we saw the window cling for their new cordon bleau chicken sandwhich. In large type, the headline read: "There's something about France and Chicken that just goes together." Beside these words are a little cartoon chicken dressed in a 19th c. French military uniform. The presence of the uniformed chicken makes the implication perfectly clear - Subway Sandwiches is implying that the French are military cowards, most likely for choosing not to participate in the war in Iraq. It's another "freedom fries" moment, this one being pushed at us within our own border by an American corporation.
Anyway, I was so offended by these ads (I mean, do these people not read history?????) that I called the restaurant back later to ask for the number of their ad agency. The agency told me that the ads had been created in the States (no surprise!) and directed me to call Subway head office in the US at their toll free #, which I have done. (If anyone else wants to complain, I will send the number and personal extension number via private message).
Has anyone else seen these ads? I don't know if these ads have reached Eastern Canada yet, but I wouldn't be surprised there was a very negative reaction to them closer to French Canada.
(I know this is a pretty petty topic for activism - but I think that we have to let this company know that they can't just waltz into Canada and set French-English relations back 50 years just to sell a few chicken sandwiches. English Canadians are quite capable of pissing off French Canadians without any help from the U.S., thanks very much.)

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