Friday, April 28, 2006

England job not for me - Scolari

"There are 20 reporters outside my house now. If that is part of another culture, it is not part of my culture. I am not the coach, and will not be (England's) coach."
He also said the press had made "absurd comparisons" of him and his wife with Eriksson and the Swede's partner, and how they dressed, adding: "That's not part of my life and its never going to be."
In BBC News online.

And now some pearls from BBC forum about this subject:

"Complete farce. Bunch of clowns running english football. Disgrace to this country."

"Looks like Scolari may have had enough of the English media in record time for a (prospective) England manager. A wise man I'd say.Our tabloid rags are obsessed with building up heroes and pulling down villains and often see no contradiction in using 1 hapless victim for both causes."

"Intrusive British Press Kill Scolari Deal. How absolutely ironic!! Maybe that will teach them at last to have some respect for those they report."

"I am left gutted following Scolari's dramatic U-turn. However with press invading his private life, this would just be the start of it. Congratulations go to the Press of England. Once again you have stuck your foot in it and lost us a potentially great manager."


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